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Our governing body


The International

School of Watsu (ISWatsu)


ISWatsu - About us

The International School of Watsu is comprised of a group of instructors and professionals from various countries. All of them are prominent therapists with extensive professional experience, which they share with generosity and passion with the students during the course.

With branch offices and representatives in several countries, the International School of Watsu implements integration and cooperation among existing aquatic therapy communities, and actively promotes the vision of a Watsu without borders.

ISWatsu - About us II

The U.K. Watsu Academy work in co-operation with ISWatsu (International School of Watsu-formally Watsu Europe), who are our governing body and authorisation of certification. Our collaboration with ISWatsu keeps us abreast of the latest developments and ensures maintaining the best standards in this highly specialised field.