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Celebrity Programmes

Most of us simply have no concept of life in the public gaze - what we see are the designer gowns, the first class travel, and the endless adoration from fans. Yet everything in life exacts a price, and the celebrity life can often demand a very high price ...the potential loss of everything we take for granted. Respect to privacy is just one of these.

The challenge for many high profile performers is to find a place of serenity and calm which won't ever compromise this much needed sense of privacy. Watsu provides a secret place, away from media and public scrutiny, which offers an opportunity to truly relax and restore a sense of perspective – even if this simply means being the 'real' person rather than the one portrayed by the media.

A programme of Watsu treatments is also rather brilliant at helping singers sing better, actors act better and performers perform better – it gives you back your mojo! Endless pressure from back-to-back schedules leaves little time for deep relaxation, and although it may look like (and probably is) tremendous fun, it does take its toll.

Watsu ...for a totally secluded and discreet escape from the ravishes of public life to leave you feeling calm, revitalised and ready to perform at your very best.


30 minute Watsu taster £35

60 minute individual Watsu £80

Discount rewards card-for every five 60 minute Watsu stamped get 6th one half price (saving £40)t&g apply.

Advanced Discount 6x60 minute Watsu course paid in advance £400 (saving £80)t&g apply.

Woman with Watsu practioner