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Corporate Programmes

In our professional lives performing at your peak, without ever stopping to recharge your batteries eventually leads to poor judgement, diminished perspective and little sense of fulfilment. Whether your responsibilities are for the success of building the business, or you're constantly juggling the demands of the team, the pressure of doing what it takes to achieve consistently good results has a direct impact on productivity.

We live in a world of constant pressure, so discovering how a Watsu programme enables you to manage pressure must become part of your strategy for success.

Investing time in a Watsu programme gives you a hugely valuable resource to allow for reflection, clarity of thoughts and a laser like focus to achieve results.

Watsu ...clearing the horizon


30 minute Watsu taster £35

60 minute individual Watsu £80

Discount rewards card-for every five 60 minute Watsu stamped get 6th one half price (saving £40)t&g apply.

Advanced Discount 6x60 minute Watsu course paid in advance £400 (saving £80)t&g apply.

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