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Injury & Prevention Programmes

For those with an active lifestyle few things are more frustrating than being forced to slow down through injury, strains, and sprains. One of the principle advantages of a Watsu treatment is the unique way the entire weight of the body is surrendered to the water. This means for the first time weary joints and muscles are relieved of their load, bringing pain relief and increased mobility.

Stretching and massage help you to achieve the ultimate performance by maintaining supreme flexibility of muscles and joints as well as preserve and improve the function of the entire body. The stretches and rotations in any given session are chosen to suit an individual's current physical and emotional condition. Aided by the buoyancy of the water, the practitioner manoeuvres and rocks the client into positions that may be impossible on dry land.

Rather like an MOT on the car, a Watsu package is essential maintenance to keep you in peak condition, especially true of the 'mental game' which demands focus, clarity and discipline.

A Watsu experience is so unique it's more than words can describe – you simply have to experience Watsu and find out for yourself


30 minute Watsu taster £35

60 minute individual Watsu £80

Discount rewards card-for every five 60 minute Watsu stamped get 6th one half price (saving £40)t&g apply.

Advanced Discount 6x60 minute Watsu course paid in advance £400 (saving £80)t&g apply.

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