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Pamper Programmes

As the world increases in speed there is a powerful and deep need to slow down, reflect and rediscover our natural balance. Stopping the world to be transported to a heavenly space of calm, peace and floating relief is precisely what a Watsu programme creates. By skilfully combining water and Shiatsu to stretch, massage and stimulate the release of stored tension from the muscles you will leave with a sense of renewed calm and increased energy while tell-tale facial lines melt away.

Dedicating time exclusively to you is now considered a necessity not a luxury. Discover for yourself the truly profound effect this pamper time has on both your physical and emotional health. It's time for 'a bit of a spoil'

A Watsu experience is so unique it's more than words can describe – you simply have to experience Watsu and find out for yourself


30 minute Watsu taster £35

60 minute individual Watsu £80

Discount rewards card-for every five 60 minute Watsu stamped get 6th one half price (saving £40)t&g apply.

Advanced Discount 6x60 minute Watsu course paid in advance £400 (saving £80)t&g apply.

Woman and practioner in Watsu session